Mobile ATM ownership is a growing industry, and for good reason. Automated teller machines just turned 50 years old, and these cash-dispensing boxes have come a long way.

Today, mobile automated teller machines create a chance for investors to capture profit by taking their business to the hottest spots in need of quick cash. Standard ATMs are fixtures at most venues where a need for cash is consistent, meaning careful selection is required for long-term ATM placement.

Mobile ATMs, however, are less about due diligence of a location, and more about finding temporary cash-dominant markets. Here is a rundown of the profit opportunities available to owners of mobile machines.

Recurring special events that call for a mobile ATM

It is true that folks plan ahead more often these days for cash-only events, but ATM industry stats show plenty of people end up drawing cash when they do not bring enough.

State and county fairs need several ATMs on hand

Once every summer, thousands of people gather for carnival rides, touring music acts, deep-fried dinner and sweet snacks. Most vendors at the fair require cash, meaning a mobile ATM owner is delivered dozens of daily transactions during the fair.

Flea markets and swap meets create a cash demand

Some communities have regularly scheduled secondhand markets. A mobile ATM at such an event makes it easy for shoppers to collect cash as needed. Find coordinators of these events, and let them know will make it easy to access your machine without getting in their way. The easier you make it on the coordinator, the more likely they are to tell you about future events in advance, making it easy to schedule the use of your mobile ATM.

Special events that call for a mobile ATM

Keeping tabs on short-term profit opportunities requires a finger on the pulse. As a mobile ATM owner, it is important to know event promoters, to read event calendars and more.

Live music shows with merchandise tables

Touring musical acts often bring new albums, clothing and more for sale to their concerts. Be sure to keep an eye on your local music calendar to spot events where cash on hand will be in high demand.

Craft festivals mean cash for the crafty

A craft festival means two things. First, it is a chance to celebrate painters, sculptors, glassblowers, woodworkers and several other crafty folk. Second, a festival creates a sales opportunity for the men and women dedicated to their crafts.

Most crafts are sold by individuals who do not take plastic. A mobile ATM fills the demand for greenbacks that support the local craft community, so help out and stay up to date on craft-paloozas in your area.