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ATM parts can wear down or get damaged, so we work quickly whenever you need repairs or replacements to your machine. Some repairs may be tricky, but we do our best to avoid down time for your machine.

Here is a look at some ATM repair issues.

Common ATM repair and replacement issues

Here is a list of ATM components that typically need to be repaired:

  • Cash dispensing mechanism
  • Card reader
  • Receipt printer
  • Display screen
  • Keypad
  • Power supply

The most common component that wears down due to use is the keypad. A number may fall out of place, or too much mashing of the buttons may cause it to stop working. This can be an easy onsite fix, or it may require sending in the keypad to be repaired or replaced.

Some users get too excited and yank their cash or receipt out before it is done being dispensed. There are rubber wheels and belts that feed the paper out of the machine, but if they spin too fast or get pushed out of place, a technician may be able to quickly reset the mechanism.

Display screens and power supply units may malfunction. This typically requires sending a part in for repair or replacement, but some cases are as simple as resetting the system.

Can I handle ATM repairs on my own?

The best choice is to hire an ATM repair expert.

The delicate nature of repairing an ATM means a professional should be contacted. Remember, these machines draw a lot of electrical power, so the risk of electric shock is high.

Without proper training, you may not identify the actual problem with a malfunctioning ATM. Trying to fix something that was not broken may lead to even more problems with that machine.

Most of the internal components are very delicate. It is easy to snap or bend something by accident.

Specific tools are required for ATM maintenance and repair. Also, certified parts for your ATM model may not be available at Radio Shack, and it is never a good idea to mix and match components.


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