ATM service and repair is a big part of owning a machine. Just like any other piece of tech, your automated teller machine will require regular upkeep to stay in good working order.

Most ATM service and repair needs are straight forward. The experts at ATM Access Money can help you stay on top of ATM repair for each of these products:

  • Standard ATMs
  • Mobile ATMs
  • ATM accessories (mounts, signs, etc)

Plan ahead for ATM service and repair to avoid issues

If you own an ATM as an investment, chances are it is passive income. The goal is to set up a machine, make it as easy to use as possible, and earn profit each time it is used.

Think of it like investing in a car. Routine maintenance lowers the chance of breaking down. Take time to check for faulty dispensers, damaged key pads or card reader problems. An ATM technician can easily fix these to avoid down time, or time when customers cannot use the machine.

Removing and replacing ATM parts comes with owning a machine

The physical hardware of an ATM is sturdy, but pieces can break. The plastic parts of your machine can be easily ordered for replacement. Screens, key pads and cables all require a delicate, well-trained approach. An amateur might cause further damage if they try to fix it themselves, or even get hurt trying to handle electrical repairs.

ATM service and reprogramming may come up

Updates to software happen from time to time. Most ATM service codes quickly tell a technician what is wrong with the machine. Issues of this nature should be handled by a professional. Trying to fix it on your own may not work, and it may lead to even more down time for your ATM.

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