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There is no purchase required to be entered for your chance to win a new ATM, which is an excellent passive income opportunity for savvy business owners and investors alike. Simply fill out the form below to be entered into the sweepstakes!  You will be notified via email and phone if you win!  The winners will be selected on September 15th.

For more details, please read the ATM Giveaway Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions.

About the Grand Prize

This ATM giveaway features a Puloon SiriUs machine as the grand prize. It is a popular ATM for its reliability, compact size and versatility.

  • At 165 pounds, just over 1 foot deep and wide, and just under 4 feet tall, the SiriUs is one of the easiest ATMs on the market to transport and get situated once onsite.
  • It features an ADA-compliant Braille keypad and voice guidance.
  • It is rated to operate in temperatures from 32 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Learn more about the technical specs and pricing of the SiriUs by visiting this page.

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