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Perfect ATM placement produces peak profits

ATM placement is one the most essential parts of this industry. Once you select a location or venue for your machine, experienced technicians will arrive onsite to securely place your ATM.

ATM Access Money works with reliable networks to ensure timely delivery and efficient placement. Our goal is to get your automated teller machine up and running without disrupting customers onsite. In other words, we help keep setup simple so customers can start using your machine and boosting your profits.

Business owners seeking an ATM placement

If you operate a business where cash is king, we want to help bulk up your bottom line. From swap meets and event centers to bars and clubs, our ATMs are reliably placed and maintained to ensure passive income for machine owners.

In some cases, a location owner commission is available. This means your business will benefit from cash transactions (reduced spending on credit card transaction fees) and from a commission. Scarcity may also help; if your location is the only place with an ATM for miles around, foot traffic can increase as customers come to your business to get cash.

Mobile ATM placement strategy and costs

Owners of mobile ATMs face a different set of strategic goals. Since mobile ATMs are more compact and hold less cash than a traditional machine, delivery and vaulting require more careful planning.

Mobile ATM placement requires that technical specs be confirmed before a machine is driven by armored truck to a site or venue. Once a specific onsite area is approved for a machine, techs will arrive to set it up and securely connect it to banking software. It is important that estimates for use are very close to actual use, because vaulting (or loading cash into the ATM) must be carefully planned. It is better to stock extra money than to run out of bills, so for seasonal events, ask for prior-year attendance to get a sense of how much demand your ATM will attract.

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